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Proxxy specializes in customized web design.
With years of experience in designing specialized websites for any kind of business or project, we can get you exactly what you need.
Whether you want a fully customized hard coded website, WordPress website, or E-commerce website we can get the job done professionally and make your project affordable.
We specialize in Responsive Website design, Mobile Website Design, Real Estate website design, Small Business website design, Corporate website design, and much more! We also help your Identity and Branding design for your website.

Recent Work

Mobile Website optimization and Design

Mobile Websites

What is a Mobile Website?
A Mobile website is a website that is specially designed for Mobile Devices such as Tablets, iPhones, Android, and other smart phones. Google and the other major search engines are now checking websites to make sure they are optimized for a mobile device, and if the site is not it will penalize your search engine rankings and traffic.
Proxxy specializes in making sure your website is Mobile Ready. Whether you are starting a new website or already have an established website we can make sure your site is optimized for mobileĀ and make sure it won’t get penalized.
We estimate that anywhere from 25%-40% of clients are accessing from Mobile Phones, we want to make sure you don’t loose this large number of potential clients.